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New Day, New Blog, New About Me Page

Once upon a time, I read somewhere that an About Me page should be written in the third person.  I have issue with writing about myself in the third person.  Somewhere, at some point, I read that by doing so, a person inflates themselves larger than they are or to give others an exaggerated image and to create a distance between themselves and others.  I already keep enough people at bay that I think this distance isn’t needed; and my ego is big enough that I also don’t need to make myself bigger than I already am.

I am what people would call a late bloomer.  A very late bloomer.  As of this writing, I am 38 and just now figuring out who I am and what I want to do in life.  I am married to my best friend and love of my life.  I have two dogs and two cats.  I live in Oakland.  I am something of a photographer and graphic designer; forever the student of life.  And I am bipolar.

I was born on a Tuesday in May, just before President Richard Nixon resigned from the presidency (that would be 1974 for those who don’t have that bit of trivia at hand) in Seattle, Washington.  I am a child of the 80’s and everything associated with that time.  I come from what the religious people call a “broken home” – my parents are divorced.  My mother was the person who primarily raised me in concert with my grandmother.  My father, well, to this day I call him my “genetic donor”.

I was raised primarily outside of Seattle in the second largest city in Washington – Bellevue.  Many people call it Plasticland due to the high number of shallow and superficial people who live there.  Many with the last name Nordstrom and Gates.  Bellevue boarders Redmond, home of Microsoft, which happened to be on the same street I grew up on, just across the Bellevue-Redmond city line.  From Bellevue, I went south to Renton and further south to Kent before moving halfway around the world to Guam.

I spent half of my high school years in Guam before moving back to the States and to Auburn Washington.

My moves in my 20’s.

For most of my professional adult life, at least up until this year, 2012, I worked in high technology and bioinformatics for such prestigious companies as Microsoft, Apple, Genentech, University of California San Francisco, Amazon.com, and frog design.  I also moved around, a lot.  From Seattle to Glendale & West Hollywood, California to Portland to Vancouver, British Columbia to Dallas and finally landing here in the Bay Area.

It was while I was in Alaska that I met the person who would end up becoming my best friend and from there, the love of my life – Brian.

Brian and I on our second wedding day, on the steps of San Francisco City Hall.

I landed in the Bay Area on July 7, 2000 and began a very difficult journey upon my arrival.  I have dealt with everything from social acceptance by others because of my “sunny disposition”; finding my place in this world; rediscovering my career goals, and doing what all happy couples do – finding our happy place with each other.  That last one took the most work of all.

In the dozen or so years that has passed since my arrival in the Bay Area, I have pursued a number of different career options – and even went so far as to follow my dream of becoming a pastry chef.  I attended both the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco and the Culinary Institute of America in Saint Helena, California; the heart of wine country.  It was a quick discovery that as much as I love to bake, I did not want to lose that love by turning it into a full time career.  Today, I make my wonderful creations in my own kitchen for friends and intimate parties Brian and I throw about three times a year.

Brian and I have been married twice, once on the grand staircase of San Francisco City Hall, on Friday, February 13, 2004, when Mayor Gavin Newsom threw open the doors of City Hall, allowing gay couples to marry.  That marriage, unfortunately, was annulled by the State of California later that year.  We were married again married on June 19, 2008, again, in San Francisco City Hall, this time on the Mayor’s Balcony, after the California State Supreme Court declared the prohibition of same-sex marriage as unconstitutional.

We continue to work with organizations such as Equality California, the Human Rights Campaign, and Courage California, in the hopes that some day, our friends will have the same rights and protections that we cherish.

We continue to live in Oakland, California, where we share our modest, but comfortable home (with an above ground, white trash pool – it goes with the neighborhood) with two dogs, Payasa and Kodi and two cats, Nicholas and Alexandra – all four pets take after me and are totally nuts.