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The Last Day

Today marked my final class at Laney College.  My goal was to see if I had the discipline and dedication to make it through the whole semester without throwing my hands up and say, “fuck it” at the first sign of trouble.  It was also my litmus test to see if I could return to school (again) while staying engaged, committed, and do so with good results.

Me in the throne at Airtime

The answer to all those questions was yes.  An astounding yes!!  At the beginning of the summer, after so many years in high technology, I had finally had enough.  After leaving a shit company called Airtime (see here, and here, and here, and here) as Director of Information Technology, I had finally had my fill and wanted some change.  A whole career change.  I wanted out.  I had been used and abused by high technology for the last time and I was not about to go through it again.  (for some fun pictures of the week Airtime launched it’s service, click here)  I was done.

Enter photography.  As many of the usual readers of my stuff already know, I am somewhat of a photographer.  I have licensed several of my images for professional use a number of time, garnering me a handsome little some of cash.  I have always been the artistic type, always loved photography, and some years back, a good friend told me it was a no brainer for me to make that leap.  So, I jumped.  I submitted my application for admission to California College of the Arts, or CCA for short.  (Not to be confused with my other CCA education – California Culinary Academy).  I was accepted.

Today marks the end of my educational career at Laney College.  I had a blast.  It wasn’t easy, but I learned a great deal about graphic design, typography and myself.  In six weeks, I begin a new educational career.  I am looking forward to it.