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Typography on blogs

typekit from Adobe

As I work on my blog, or should I say in my blog, I keep kicking around the idea of adding web fonts.  Doing some research, I came across typekit by Adobe.  I am intrigued.  The one question that hits – is it worth it.  Are web fonts worth the expense for a personal blog, or even a small business website?  Before you say yes, there are a few things that one needs to think about before coughing up the dough.  The first one being the dough to cough up.


I am a huge fan of typography, I love type.  I love what you can do with type.  The message that you can convey with just type.  I fell in love with hot type this past semester in my typography class.  I can not explain it, but there is something about the look of something set in a letterpress with hot type that you can not get with laser printing.  Period.


With the love of type and typography, is it worth the expense to subscribe to a web font service and if so, which one?